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30 May 2011. Hugh Brown horses around with John Harrington, Jo Ann Casebier, Lena the dog, and the historic Alexander Wagon donated by Dottie Lewis and restored by John Harrington. (Photo by Dennis G. Casebier)

Restored Alexander WagonSome of you may remember that about a year ago (as reported in the Mojave Road Report) a crew went up to Pinto Valley to the property of Dottie Lewis and retrieved a wagon she had donated to us. This wagon was hand-built by Pinto Valley homesteader Julius Alexander in the mid-1920s.

When we brought it down to Goffs it was in very bad condition. Most of the wood had rotted. John Harrington was looking for a challenging project. He took on the task of restoring that wagon. You see the result in the photo above. John estimates he spent about 1,200 hours working on the restoration.

Restored Alexander Wagon on displayThe wagon is now on display in Goffs as a testimonial to Julius Alexander’s workmanship, to Dottie Lewis’ generosity, and to John Harrington’s craftsmanship.