Update - Road Status

Due to recent storms, the Mojave Road is currenlty impassible through Paiute Range. See the image below for directions on how to go around the closure. 

For written directions Click Here.

Mojave Road Guide - 4th Edition 2010

Mojave Road Guide

Fourth Edition - 2010

17 April 2010. New Mojave Road Guide by Dennis Casebier released.

The newly revised edition includes all new maps, GPS coordinates, and more. The road log has been completely updated to reflect changes in management and landmarks. This is the original Mojave Road Guide authored by historian Dennis Casebier, who rediscovered this old wagon road, now a major recreational trail.

Mojave Road Deep River Crossing Detour Map and Road Log
Recommended Alternate Route for Afton Canyon River Crossing

Mojave Road Piute Range Closed Detour Map and Road Log
Recommended Alternate Route when Piute Range is Closed

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